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Four Band Shows and a Diddily Pop

Hello there and welcome and welcome and hello, fellow! What a crazy weeksie. How was yours?

(talk to screen or telepathically channel me)


Go on...

Man. WHAT? How'd you handle that?? Ooohh. I knew I liked you. Well done. ~~

Wouldn't that be sweet if I could actually interact with you on here?? Come on freaking technology. But I guess this is you reading my past brain waves with your brain waves??! Ahhhhhh.

Although if I was actually responding, that would make me a computer program or something.......sspbleerrrrrg*esplodes. ANYWHO.

I had four banjo savvy shows this week!

- The first of which was at a warehouse in Brooklyn with my Rusty Guns. The party was bumpin and we played solid bluegrass around one mic for an hour. It was a benefit for an upcoming film entitled "Tuesday Night Poker". Little Mark would be like "you played where??" Yes lil me. A warehouse. Party.

- The Second was at our weekly residence at "East Village Social"

This venue has been very good to us and it pushes us and frustrates us to no end to create new things and hone in on what we have already done. Very blessed to get a paid place to play every week. The Beatles crafted themselves over a residency and we like that formula. - The Third was at an astounding venue called Joe's Pub HOLY CRAP. It's a public theatre and very famous and it was a packed house. I played with the bluegrass mountain group The Good Morning Nags! So fun.

What an amazing venue.

- The Fourth and final was a staff party for Webster Hall. All of us here in NYC know about this venue and it was a joy and peasure to entertain these guys!

What a great week!

Well that's that! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you found a second to smile here or from something else more interesting like your pet.

With love and encouragement,


Oh you're still here!... what is a diddily pop??? Crap.


(I literally just searched the web and NOTHING came up)...........

uh.....therefore...I am a creative genius and will define this and hashtag it and such and rule the world!.... With a gentle...loving...diddily pop.

Everyone esplodes.

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