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Welcome to the first initial doodah!

Well hello there my people, my family, my industry personnel people, and all the little childrens and Grandfathers' mothers' out there whose sisters best friends I've also heard so much about and are 2000 years twice removed. You are people too! Special people. It is VERY nice to have you. Don't be afraid...don't. Shh. Shhhhh. I'm just your run of the mill normal goofball with a wacky head on a spine walking around eating stuff and saying things, and this brain has learned that if you take life too seriously it will take you too seriously too. Phew. Doobeedo. That was nice, wasn't it?

I certainly thought so. So nice. Tasty. ANYWHO, now that that is out of the way, I'm assuming the lot of you whom are left reading this sucker made it through the filter of craze to get to the gnitty gritty of Acting up here in NYC for lil ol' me. This thing is personal, and I welcome you in. *gestures you to sit on something nice...and comfy Right now I'm in the lovely place of between gigs land. The place where you contemplate exsistence and purpose and ability and course of action and prowess and hairdoos and bodymass and skill sets and whether the tightness of your fashionable jeans is still in and all that good stuff... Now that may come across as sarcastic, but it really isn't. If you change the way you think of the "between jobs" stage and realize it's a whole new playing field for growth and potential, it really becomes quite exciting. It's almost just like looking in a mirror temporarily and deciding how you wanna look that day. Ya know, maybe just a lil scruff because I'm "tired" or something. Lets do the mohawk cuz chicks dig that, right? I will NOT wear pants today. .....You get it. It's one of the many reasons I love acting. The reinvention and contemplation that slows down the ever fleeting time.

That being said,

~ My buddy Chris and I have in negotiations to have a musical spot in an upcoming feature "The Good Catholic" starring Danny Glover and our buddy Zach Spicer. So that's cool. John Mellancamp is doing the theme.

~We also have a meeting this week to meet with another feature film in a "scoring and filmed performance" aspect. Super pumped. ~ I had a great audition on this past Saturday for Stageplays Theatre Company for the leading role of Fred Dufour in their upcoming world premier of "The Oakland Sisters"

~ I also just filmed an "eco-cast" audition for another feature and that went well. "Eco-cast" basically means it doesn't cost casting personnel any money to rent a room or spend time away from comfy jammies. It cuts out the middleman and the tapes go right to the office. Was my first one of these in quite a while, but I see this trending as we all have access to great cameras and such now. Pretty easy to upload vids n such. ~ I'm also waiting on hearing about a callback I had for a play called "Daddy Issues". It got down to the last two peeps and I was one of em. So we shall see! Ok, this has been a long post, but it's the first of its kind!

So nice to share it with you. Blog posts have pictures and this is what I ate tonight, cuz I'm sure you want to see that:

Happy Days!

- Mark


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